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My Personal Brand

Hello, friends. We’ve had some warmer weather here in Pennsylvania so I am wondering how it is in your part of the world? I’ve been blessed to see visitors to my site from across the globe!

I just wanted to give you a little update today on my personal work. I’ve had my own Old Pine store on Etsy for a long time now. As I’ve mentioned before, it was always just something I did for fun. But recently, I started to take it more seriously so I’ve been developing some new, specialty stationary using some of my photographs and nature illustrations. The cards shown here are printed on double thick card stock so the quality is nice. I create my Old Pine products on the weekends because I work as a freelancer during the week so this work tends to be slow.

Today, I took the time to refresh my logo as I expand my brand. I’ll stop back again in a few weeks and show you more. I also hope to start a movie log on YouTube in a couple months. I just bought a new video camera so I am really excited to share that venture with you.

Thank you for following my journey as an artist and please stay safe!


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