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A Communication Bridge

Hello, friends! It’s been two months since I’ve posted.This summer has been a really busy time for me so I’ve had less opportunity to post on my Instagram page or here on my blog. I took on a large project for a new client – a Multi Grammy Award winning musician – which I just wrapped up after a couple months of hard work. I won’t be able to share that art until after the project is released to the public, sometime in September. Working for artists of that caliber is always a privilege.

Today, I just accepted a new, branding product line for a lovely, country business which I think will be a lot of fun. The owner is a remarkable entrepreneur, she carries a lot of responsibility and has a great history of breaking down barriers as a woman in business.

I also continue to be very interested in the South Korean arts, so my aim this fall is to expand into some international design. I work a lot of hours for a non profit each week and that keeps me busy, so any work outside of that involves careful planning. Working with people overseas is an exciting prospect even though I know the language barrier and cultural differences would add a few new challenges to my plate. The visual of a bridge comes to mind and that keeps me encouraged.

Thanks for stopping by and please stay safe!

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