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A Vintage Touch

Hello Friends,

Happy Fall! I am back again with a short post.

Many changes are on the horizon for me in the non profit world that I work in but I’ve chosen to only share my personal creative work and share a glimpse of my lifestyle as an artist, through this website blog.

Right now, I am continuing to grow my Old Pine brand during the weekends. My products are mostly vintage items and they are currently all sold through my Etsy store. I plan to eventually expand my offering to include my own art and homemade crafts. I share my vintage style photos through my Instagram account and will have a few postcards for sale. I also have a website in process just to provide a home base for all of it. I am literally building this work from the ground up during my down time so my expectations are realistic – it’s growth will be slow and simple.

I still have a great interest in South Korea and their arts but haven’t determined how any of that fits yet.

I leave you with a few of my Instagram photos as well as a couple links.

Etsy Store:

New Instagram Account:

Please take some time to enjoy nature during this beautiful season and stay safe!

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