Third in a Series

I’ve chosen a few different artists who have been a big influence on my personal work. I am intrigued by the talents of the whole K-Pop band, BTS, but chose […]

May Weekends

Though I work as a freelancer during the week, I’ve been devoting every weekend to my own personal, creative growth. This gives me the opportunity and freedom to try new […]

A Series of Portrait Illustrations

This is the second in a series of my portrait illustrations of artists who have inspired me, some of whom are great innovators in the world of the Arts. This […]

May Illustration

I’m very fascinated by the arts coming out of South Korea. I like the bubble gum colors of the K-pop concert posters, the dances in their music videos, the subtitled, […]

Ministry Logo

I was given the new name by the CEO of Touching Lives Ministry to design a logo for the year, 2020. The name challenged me to give us a fresh, […]

Welcoming in the New Year

Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.” ~ […]

New CD Package Design

This summer was an intense time for CD package designs. This one was created for saxophonist, Brian Scanlon. “Brian has made his mark in studios, concert venues, and clubs all […]

Mission Communication

I am excited for our 10th Anniversary Banquet. I created a few different communication pieces for the event. The photos were taken by a few members of our team on […]