It’s been ages since I’ve posted any updates. This summer has been a whirlwind of work, both for my job and in the area of freelance. We’ve only had one […]

Store Reopened

I closed my store back in January but just reopened it yesterday. I am gradually working on new journal and T-shirt designs to add but it is taking me time […]

Spring, a New Season

\Here is one of my paintings that I have in the works. It is a work in progress. The rooster’s name was Buddy. He was a remarkable little fellow and […]

Quote for 2019

Every year I choose a quote. This one resonated with me. To finally find myself surrounded by grace is a complete gift. I placed the quote on a photo of […]


Though I don’t share much concerning my day to day full-time freelance work, once in a while I like to share a piece where I had the opportunity to work […]

Our Work in Africa

Just a brief update on our work in Africa. • 1,016 patients were seen for free medical care over 4 days • 200 dental patients were seen • 300 patients […]