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Category: Updates

Portrait Illustration of Kim Soo-hyun

I’ve been so busy with freelance work that I haven’t had time to create another portrait illustration until today. I really liked the K-drama that this actor played the lead […]

A Re-post

This is a new style of illustration for me so it took me some revisions before I was happy with her face. I think her expression might be a result […]

Portrait Illustration of RM

Today, I spent most of the day bailing water out of the basement due to the storm that passed through. But this past weekend I was able to squeeze in […]

Portrait Illustration of Jungkook

This was a special request by a follower on Instagram. I was not paid to do it but felt compelled to take it on. The illustration is of Jungkook, of […]

Three CD Package Designs

I started sharing some of my past CD package design work on Instagram. I take commissions so just message me there for a quick response. Below: This CD package […]