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Making Life Sweet

Hello Friends!

I recently completed a CD Package Design for Eliane Elias. It was an honor to be a part of such an incredible project. Eliane has over 2.3 Million albums sold to date, 565,000 monthly listeners and over 22 million on Spotify. She has toured 71 countries and so much more. Please check out her website: Outside of my non profit work, which consumes most of my working hours, I still have the opportunity to tackle other projects. Working with Eliane was a joy. She is incredibly talented but on top of that, she is appreciative, kind and professional. Her project sweetened my summer. A big thanks goes out to Peter Erskine too for connecting us all:

In addition, for the first time since I started my own little brand called Old Pine Trading Company, I have a store that is not only a lot fun to create but is growing surprisingly well. I’ve been sending out a lot of my vintage products across the country and my store, though still very small, has earned a 5 Star Rating. I love seeing that my customers are happy. PennsylvaniaLifestyle

I look forward to the next season and all that it brings!

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